What’s going on at Intuitive Touch Body Spa?

Welcome our new therapist Sheena!

She is available Monday nights starting at 6pm 

Also welcome back Hanna!

She available by request only and has a limited schedule,

so call or email us today for your next appointment

We have a new service called Reiki Sound Healing :)

This month only you can try it for free

with any session or on its own for just $15

Reiki Sound Healing is a combination of

Energy work and Sound Healing

using various small instruments and singing bowls,

it is an excellent addition to any treatment.

~August 2015


Herbal Blends and Oil Trends!


Spring is a time for renewal and beauty!

This May you can exerince an Herbal Steam Bath Treatment for $25 and add your choice of 3 different herbal blends to customize your treatment. Cleansing and rejuvinating!

You can also add a free 15minute Chakra Balancing to your massage or treatment. Specials end June 1st 2015

June and July Sneak Peak Specials

Upcoming specials this summer 2015 are sent sational!

Choose one of our essential oils or oil blends to add to your massage oil during your massage session or bodywork treatment.



Happy New Year! Welcome 2015


May we all seamlessly flow into the New Year like cleansing water down a stream!

January 2015 Kristin will be offering FREE 15 minute Reiki Sessions with any Massage Service.

It is a wonderful way to get introduced to Reiki if you have never had a session before.

Call: (717) 540 5110

or Email: intuitivetouchbodyspa@gmail.com

Karan Strange will be offering discounted massage sessions Feb-March 2015

For More information about Karan’s specials her direct number is (717) 350-9886


Benefits To Drinking Plenty of Water

We always encourage our clients to drink plenty of water!

Here are some of the benefits…

  • Flushes out toxins by getting rid of waste through sweat and urination

  • Increases energy and relieves fatigue by keeping the body hydrated

  • Promotes weight loss and reduces water retention by raising your metabolism & removing by-products of fat

  • Improves skin complexion by naturally moisturizing your skin from within

  • Aids in digestion maintaining regularity

  • Prevents muscle strain and joint pain by keeping the joints lubricated and muscles elastic

  • Promotes healthy habits and is ZERO CALORIES

Coming this April and May 2014



We are bringing back an oldie but a goodie…our Signature Ritual Foot Bath.

This service Includes a soothing epsom salt foot soak, a fragrant sugar scrub and finally

a reflexive foot massage while you lay back in a zero balance chair!

 We are now offering paraffin hand dips (foot dips or elbow dips)

And in May full body dry brushing will be available

Excellent for the lymphatic system and your lovely skin!

February Special and Schedules

We have just purchased the newest Steam Canopy from Steamy Wonder 2014…So NOW

This month only we are offering our Signature Service for only $75! Receive a One Hour Therapeutic Massage with an 30minute Herbal Steam Bath. This can relieve muscle tension, relax the mind and detoxify the body.

There are limited appointments still open from now until Valentine’s Day (& Valentine’s Day Weekend) So make your appointment now before they are all gone.

Currently we are sold out of Olivina Olive Hand & Body Wash and Olive Hand & Body Lotion. Next Olivina order will be in March. Email or call to request extra products 

Gift Certificates and Spa Boutique Items are still for sale. Plus New art work by Natalie Rzucidlo! For more Visit www.NatalieRzucidlo.Com

New Addition

We are happy to announce our New Massage Therapist

Karan Strange!

Karan will be offering $50 for 1 hour Therapeutic Massage

Offer ends January 31st 2014

Available by appointment only

Holiday Gift Cards are also available

Please call in advance before stopping by to shop

717 540 5110

Change Is Good

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.”

In the next few months Intuitive Touch Body Spa will be going through a few changes.

Some of our services will become seasonal and others will remain all year round.

We have several new services that will be available like Bamboo Fusion and Level 1 Reiki.

 We are currently looking for another part time Licensed Massage Therapist (contractor)

Hanna has cut back her hours to 1 day a month and is seeing clients by appointment only.

    New products are arriving from Olivina Napa Valley and locally made jewelry by Barbara Gutenkunst  2013

Get clean this spring! 2013

It’s that time of year for spring cleaning. Detoxify your body, mind and spirit with our Purification and Maximum Detox Treatment Program. This treatment includes a massage with an aromatherapy herbal oil, detoxifying mud application, followed by a 20 minute steam bath with revitalizing herbs, a light massage with lymph stimulating oil and a finishing body butter to hold it all in. Our detox program should be administered consecutively for 3 days for your first time. This will aid in removal of toxins and heavy metals in the body, while stimulating the lymphatic system. We recommend drinking plenty of water pre and post treatment to achieve the best results. 

Purification & Maximum Detox Treatment will soon be added to our service menu. For more information about this treatment program contact us at 717-540-5110 or intuitivetouchbodyspa@gmail.com


Why Steam?


Here at Intuitive Touch Body Spa we specialize in offering a wonderful and unique spa service called a Steam Bath. A tent is wrapped around the Massage Table (with the head out to avoid claustrophobia) while an herbal infusion is blown into the tent. It is recommended after a massage. Like Massage, Steam and Heat have been used since early civilizations as a means of health. Steam baths were first used in Ancient Greece and Rome. Not only does it feel great and relaxing, but it is rich in health benefits.  A Steam bath can:


Sweat out fats, toxins, and heavy metals.

Boost circulation

Weight loss (burns calories, not just water)

Reduces Cellulite

Relief from Joint Pain

Treats Acne (clearing sebaceous glands of sebum and bacteria)


Treats Dry skin and Wrinkles

Relaxation (same endorfins are released as in exercise)

Treats Respiratory Conditions:

1. Relieves inflammation and congestion

2. Relieves throat irritation by moistening the air

3. Relieves asthma

4. Natural expectorant

5. Relaxes Respiratory muscles and relieves coughing


Any contagious diseases/viruses are absolutely contraindicated (we will NOT allow you to steam or massage). Any questionable conditions will need your physician’s medical clearance.