Why Massage?


Here at  Intuitive Touch Body Spa we take pride in offering high-quality Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy has been utilized all around the world for thousands of years as a means of health & beauty. Nowadays, many people get massage therapy for numerous reasons, with relaxation being a main one. There is becoming more proof of just how good massage is for us. Some of the many health benefits to be received from a massage may include:

Soothes sore muscles & joints

Pain Management for chronic issues (Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Arthritis, etc) when NOT in acute phase


Promotes better sleep

Weight loss

Increased metabolism

Alleviates anxiety & depression


Healthier, better looking skin

Increases circulation & Stimulates lymph flow

Increasing alertness

Enhances immune function

Can help lower blood pressure

Promotes healthy habits

Instill a positive self image

Helps with Sensory Integration Disorders/Touch Sensitivities

Regular massage (at least once a month) is recommended for optimal health. Massage is considered an alternative or holistic therapy. If you have a medical condition, please ask your physician about receiving massage first. Some health issues will need a doctor’s clearance prior to massage treatment.

It should also be noted that drinking plenty of water before AND after a massage is critical. Since massage increases circulation and stimulates lymph flow, toxins and waste buildup in the muscles are released, therefore plenty of water is needed to help flush the toxins completely out of the system. If enough water is not drunk, there is a possibility of muscle soreness. Another reason to drink plenty of water after a massage is because it dehydrates the system. A good rule of thumb is that you are probably never drinking enough water after a massage! You probably need twice as much as you normally drink in a day, and possibly more. Deeper pressure, heat therapies (Steam, Hot Stone, etc.,) and longer treatments will require even more water. Headaches after a massage can also indicate insufficient hydration.

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