Why Steam?


Here at Intuitive Touch Body Spa we specialize in offering a wonderful and unique spa service called a Steam Bath. A tent is wrapped around the Massage Table (with the head out to avoid claustrophobia) while an herbal infusion is blown into the tent. It is recommended after a massage. Like Massage, Steam and Heat have been used since early civilizations as a means of health. Steam baths were first used in Ancient Greece and Rome. Not only does it feel great and relaxing, but it is rich in health benefits.  A Steam bath can:


Sweat out fats, toxins, and heavy metals.

Boost circulation

Weight loss (burns calories, not just water)

Reduces Cellulite

Relief from Joint Pain

Treats Acne (clearing sebaceous glands of sebum and bacteria)


Treats Dry skin and Wrinkles

Relaxation (same endorfins are released as in exercise)

Treats Respiratory Conditions:

1. Relieves inflammation and congestion

2. Relieves throat irritation by moistening the air

3. Relieves asthma

4. Natural expectorant

5. Relaxes Respiratory muscles and relieves coughing


Any contagious diseases/viruses are absolutely contraindicated (we will NOT allow you to steam or massage). Any questionable conditions will need your physician’s medical clearance.